SpaceMine Liquidity Mining

Hello Spaceminers, your liquidity mining mission starts in 30 minutes on Farm planet!

Farm planet serves the purpose of a fair distribution of $MINE, our main ecosystem token. 70% of all $MINE will be distributed via liquidity mining to pool participants for staking their tokens. The amount of $MINE rewarded in each pool are halved every 2 week for the first 6 weeks, and then remain linear until all tokens have been distributed in 6 months. There will be no fixed-length lockup commitments, or fees of any kind associated with initial liquidity mining.

Pool 0 — $MINE/$ETH LP Pool

LP Pool participants enjoy a 12x boost in reward distribution compare to other pools, as a token of our appreciation for their early support and investment in the SpaceMine ecosystem.

Pool 1 — Pool 9

Pool 1 through Pool 9 are single token pools consist of some of (obviously we can’t fit all of them in) our most respected blue chip protocols, along with interesting new projects. Their names are not listed in any particular order.

  • $LINK
  • $UNI
  • $BNT
  • $YFI
  • $AAVE
  • $COMP
  • $WNXM
  • $SUSHI

Join in on the voyages of the SpaceMine Starship




All your DeFi needs in one game

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SpaceMine DeFi

SpaceMine DeFi

All your DeFi needs in one game

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